1. Login to WordPress

    To login to your WordPress website, add /wp-admin/ onto the end of your domain for example website.com/wp-admin/.

  2. Navigate to Products

    You can find “Products” in the side bar of WordPress located under “WooCommerce”.

  3. Add New Product

    To start to add a new product head to the top of the page we have just navigated to and click “Add new” located next to the “Products” title.

  4. Set the product’s name

    Just like a WordPress post to set the name of your product, there is a long box at the top of the page that has “Product name” inside of it, you place your products name in here.

  5. Add a products description

    We can now give our product a description which is seen by your visitors. You can do by using the content editor (WYSIWYG).

  6. Allocate product categories

    To help keep your products organised both for yourself and your visitors we can give our product a category. This is done in the right hand side menu by ticking the boxes.

  7. Set the product image

    We now want to add an image to our product to provide visitors with an example of how the product will look when they get it.

  8. Now to add the price

    The most important part is to add a price to our product, in this example it’s just a simple product so we only need to set one price.
    You are able to set this in the “Product Data” box.

  9. Finally, Publish your product

    Now that we’re happy with what we have added to our product we can click “Publish” which is located at the top right of the page.

Now you have added your first product to your website, repeat step 3 to 9 to create more products.

If you have any questions, let us know using the comment section.