Time needed: 20 minutes.

Setting up the WooCommerce app can be done in a few quick steps and help you get the most out of your store.

  1. Create a WordPress.com account

    Before you connect your site to JetPack, you will need a wordpress.com account that will allow you to use the JetPack service.

  2. Connect your website to JetPack

    Installing JetPack onto your site can be quite easy as JetPack does this all for you (https://wordpress.com/jetpack/connect/store/monthly).
    If you are looking for the free plan, they’ve hidden it down at the end of the page.

  3. Download the WooCommerce app

    Once you have got the site connected to Jetpack we can continue to installing the WooCommerce app on your phone.
    Android Download
    iPhone Download

  4. Open up the app on your phone

    Now that you have everything setup you can login to your JetPack account via the app, this button will be on the bottom of the screen “LOG IN WITH JETPACK”.

  5. Success!

    After you have logged into your account you can now manage your store from the app and receive notifications for example when you make a sale.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below and we can help you out.