Getting Started

Here at Vybrus, we support many types of applications when it comes to adding your email accounts to different apps such as Microsoft Outlook, Mail App, Gmail and may others.

If you are unable to use any of the information provided on this page, please contact us and we can guide you through adding your account to your app.

Microsoft Mail App

Depending on if you have already used the app before you will either be shown a Welcome screen or taken straight to your emails.

If you are a new user, click Add Account. If you have used the app before click Accounts then Add Account.

To make things easier for everyone we support auto-detection for setting up your emails, to start this click Other Account.

In the next stage, you will just need to enter your email address, password and the ‘Display Name’ for the account.

Then click Sign In, it will take it a second to find the details it needs to connect.

After all that hard work we can now access all the emails you have on that account, you will also be able to send emails using that email address too via the Microsoft Mail App.


Microsoft Outlook

Like with the Microsoft Mail App you will be displayed two different things if you have not used Microsoft Outlook before you can begin instantly.

If you have already set up a Microsoft account, click File then Add Account.

From here enter the email address that you wish to add, for us it’s [email protected]

In the next stage, it will ask for your password. Enter this here, if you wonder what this is it’s the password you set in cPanel.

Hang on tight while it gets the information it needs to connect, once it’s done you’ve successfully set up your email account on the Microsoft Outlook Desktop App.

Google Mail (Gmail) App

For Gmail, it requires a bit more configuration as auto detect is not supported here.

To get to the menu at the side, you need to click on the email that is already set up (if you use Android) as it requires a Google Account. Scroll down to Add Account and select that option.

Like the other tutorials, we use the Other account option.

It will then request the email that you wish to set up, for us this is [email protected] Enter your chosen email here.

Now it will ask for the Connection Type, we suggest IMAP as then the emails will correctly sync with the server and other devices that are connected.

As the Gmail app requires a bit more configuration you will need to enter the host name after you have entered your password to the email account.

You can find your hostname in the welcome email that you get sent when you order the Web Hosting plan, if not please contact support and we can assist you with finding your hostname.

Once you’ve entered all this information click next and a similar screen will show, as above enter the same information here then click next.

The final step we need to name the account, this is what people will see when you send the emails once you’ve done that you’ve successfully set up the account.


Final Notes

We hope this tutorial helped you set up your email on your chosen devices. We are currently working on getting new apps added to the tutorial if you wish to get your app added to the waiting list shoot us an email.